DÍA 01
Arrival in Puerto Maldonado, reception at the airport and transfer to the port, to start the Amazonian adventure with a 45-minute boat ride on the Madre de Dios River, which crosses the jungle. The motorized wooden boat hugs the winding shores to reach Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica, nestled in the heart of the rainforest. After a brief welcome talk, accommodation in your cabin. Lunch at the lodge. After lunch, return to your cabin to take a nap or lie in your hammock, before selecting the activities of your choice from the wide variety of à la carte excursions, to be carried out in the company of your experienced Inkaterra explorer guide. We recommend touring the Trail System for an immersive introduction to the intricate biodiversity of the Amazon Basin and the layers of the rainforest. Walk surrounded by gigantic trees, such as the Shihuahuaco, while your ears heard the songs and whispers of the exotic wildlife that inhabits this ecosystem. They are ideal opportunities for bird watching and for the sighting of the vegetal cornucopia. Have your camera ready in case you spotted sloths or monkeys moving from the treetops. At sunset, we recommend taking our pleasant River at Night excursion to see how the jungle transforms into a nocturnal world: animals and birds active during the day give way to species adapted to the shadows of the night. You will be able to find nightjars, owls, capybaras and large alligators hidden on the riverbanks. An Amazon-inspired dinner awaits you in the main dining room. Night in the lodge.

DÍA 02
Buffet breakfast available from 5:00 am. Visit Lake Sandoval this morning, a resplendent mirror of water found within the Tambopata National Reserve. Searching the sunny trail that leads to the lake, scout guides regale travelers with stories of unexpected encounters with poison dart frogs and camouflaged creatures. Board a carved wooden canoe for a leisurely paddle through the mangroves before cruising across Lake Sandoval, flanked by beautiful palm trees. This serene lake is inhabited by miles of bird species, including the endangered giant river otter, howler monkeys, red-bellied macaws, anacondas, turtles and black caimans. Return to Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica. Lunch at the lodge. In the afternoon, we recommend climbing the exciting Inkaterra Canopy Walkway and touring the Anaconda Walk. The Inkaterra Canopy Walkway is a safe and sophisticated system of ecologically constructed suspension bridges 344 meters (1,135 feet) in length, connected by eight platforms and two panoramic observation towers. This is an unforgettable opportunity to observe the Amazon forest from the tops of the trees and understand its colossal dimension. Ascend the first vertiginous tower 124 feet (38 meters) above the ground, with your senses alert for toucans, woodpeckers, trogons, monkeys and the three-toed sloth. On your descent, enjoy a 30-minute walk along the Anaconda Walk: A 200-meter (656-foot) elevated wooden platform built over a flooded swamp forest. In this sumptuous ecosystem you will be able to observe several species of amphibians, birds, mammals, abundant flora and interesting trees. There is even the possibility of spotting snakes. Back at the lodge, you can enjoy our daily nature presentation at the Eco Center. A la carte dinner at the lodge. Night at the lodge.

DÍA 03
Breakfast Check-out is at 10:00 Board your wooden boat to navigate back for 45 minutes on the Madre de Dios River. You will make a short visit to the Butterfly Garden before arriving at the airport. Perú has the largest variety of butterflies in the world, with 3,700 known species. Many of these can be seen in the Butterfly House, which exhibits the diversity, beauty and adaptability of these fascinating insects. Important note: Please consider that activities and excursions are subject to change according to weather conditions at the time of your visit.



• Transfers airport /lodge /airport
• 02 nights in Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Lodge
• 02 breakfasts
• 02 lunches
• 02 dinners
• Guided tours and excursions
• Water stations for filling personal bottles

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